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BrainSTEPS Fall 2017 Brain Injury School Consulting Team Leader Workshop

  • September 15th, 2017
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Presented by: Brenda Eagan Brown, CBIS, Kristin James, CBIS, and Bethany Wilson, CCC/SLP

This session is for BrainSTEPS Team Leaders to update their capacity to effectively motivate and facilitate their BrainSTEPS team to provide educational consultation and training to schools in Pennsylvania following a student’s Acquired Brain injury (TBI or non-TBI). This session will provide participants with an overview of the process of selecting Assistive Technology devices for students that are experiencing barriers following a TBI. They will also be given information about specific tools that are available to eliminate the barriers that the students are facing in the areas of Environmental Control, Vision, Computer Access, Reading, Writing, Learning, Studying, and Communication. Participants will learn about sources for procuring devices for trial. The BrainSTEPS team leaders will also participate in sharing, brainstorming, and learning about proper teaming techniques that will help facilitate their respective BrainSTEPS Teams. Team leaders will engage with assistive technology to help students in the classroom setting following a brain injury and work on a case study involving assistive technology. The remaining portion of this workshop will focus on BrainSTEPS updates, program Best Practice Reviews, and case studies.

Audience: Please Note! This is a closed session, intended only for BRAINSteps Team Leaders

Credits Offered: Act 48, ASHA, Psych

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  • Kristin Starosta
    Autism, Inclusive Practices, Publications, Low Incidence
  • Susan Gill
    Assistive Technology, Secondary Transition, Project MAX
  • Linda Cartwright
    Assistive Technology, Parents, Inclusive Practices, Publications, Family Engagement
  • Jennifer Edgar
    Deaf-Blind, Blind/Visual Impairment (VI), PDE Annual Conference
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