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Tuesday March 6th, 2018 8:30AM — 3:00PM

Early Numeracy in the Primary Grades

Geary (2013) notes that early struggles in mathematics have consequences that last throughout school completion and affect a person’s overall quality of life, including employment, wages, and healthcare. Research also indicates that students who struggle early tend to continue to struggle unless schools are able to correct the learning trajectory. This professional development opportunity will support teachers’ learning and implementation of researched-based instructional practices that build a strong early numeracy foundation for students, thus preventing or correcting issues in mathematics learning.
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Tom Wolf, Governor


  • PaTTAN - Harrisburg

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  • Inservices/workshops

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  • Act 48 (5 hours)

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Sonya Barksdale,, 717-901-2268

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Jared Campbell,, 800-360-7282

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  • PaTTAN Educational Consultant