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The Eye-Pal is a portable USB scanner/reader that uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology to convert printed material into speech, text files, or refreshable braille. Eye-Pal may be used with the most popular braille displays from Freedom Scientific, Optelec, and Handy Tech. The unit has two lightweight legs that pivot into an L-shaped position from their compact carrying position. This securely supports the Eye-Pal so its scanning camera is always at the exact distance to acquire a clear image of the material to be read. The unit also serves as a tactile guide for users to position the material to be scanned. The detector can scan up to 20 pages of a book per minute. A single keystroke can start or stop scanning or reading. The user can save text as a text file for future editing. The unit can also describe a page layout as a sighted person sees it. The user can choose to read scanned material using a male or female voice.

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    eye-pal quick reference card
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    eye-pal user manual
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    eye-pal 4.1 driver disc
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    purple carry bag

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