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The microphone is fixed around the neck to ensure that it is correctly placed by the mouth.
A voice amplifier is a speaking aid that enhances a weak but clear speech to a normal conversational level. Even a whisper will be much stronger with a voice amplifier. The voice amplifier reduces the load on the vocal cords. A voice amplifier is a device that can be used temporarily or permanently. •Dimensions: 10.7 × 6.2 × 2.2 cm •Weight: 150 g •Battery Lithium Ion (lilon), 500mAh •Run with full battery: 12 hours The power key and volume controls are located on the back of the amplifier for easy operation with your thumb. On the back there is also an LED that indicates whether the voice amplifier is on or off, and warn you when there is less than 20% battery capacity left. The amplifier has jacks for external speakers or earphones.

Kit Contents

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    Falck 1003 voice amplifier
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    headset style microphone
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    battery charger
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    user manual
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    inspiration booklet

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