RtII: Specific Learning Disability Eligibility Module

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This PowerPoint presentation forms the core of the RtII-Specific Learning Disability Eligibility Module. This three hour training details the SLD eligibility process when using the Response to Instruction and Intervention option. All aspects of the 4 part SLD eligibility process are reviewed with particular attention to RtII processes, interventions, rate of improvement, etc. It is highly annotated and provides detailed tips to trainers. Trainers are encouraged to review the PA Guidelines for Identification of Students with SLD and the most recent PennLink on the subject both of which are attached. A one page Factsheet is also attached as a resource to presenters or participants. Other resources on the topic, including webinars on the topic, can be found on the Using RtII for SLD Determination page of the PaTTAN RtII pages.

Topic: Response to Instruction & Intervention

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