PaTTAN offers ongoing training opportunities in the form of workshops, guided practice, seminars, statewide conferences, distance learning, video conferences, and online courses. Many of the training opportunities have accompanying support materials to further explain the concepts addressed in training and to provide “take home” materials for learners. They are available for download free of cost. You can filter our Instructional Materials by topic to find the resources most relevant to you.

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Culturally Competent Assessment of English Language Learners for Special Education Services

Topic: English Learners, School Psychology

Culturally Competent Consultation in Schools:Information for School Psychologists and School Personnel

Topic: English Learners, School Psychology

Culturally Competent Crisis Response:Information for School Psychologists and Crisis Teams

Topic: English Learners, School Psychology

Culturally Competent Mental Health Services in the Schools:Tips for Teachers

Topic: English Learners, School Psychology

Culturally Diverse Families:Enhancing Home-School Relationships

Topic: English Learners, School Psychology

This tool provides guidance for school based teams who convene to analyze student performance data and make instruction decisions. The script is intended to provide structure and language to guide team decision making.,move,-30,0.

Topic: Response to Instruction & Intervention

The Pennsylvania Deaf-Hard of Hearing Pennsylvania Transition Timeline* with Resources is a checklist broken down by age category (12-21) that families and educators can use to stay on target during the transition process. Embedded within the checklist are resources complimentary to each component. Families and professionals may use this document for easily locating those resources necessary to complete the good action planning associated with transition planning. These resources are matched to an original timeline created through the Interdisciplinary Transition Team Initiative (ITTI) as a “checklist” and corresponding to the various ages of transition planning. This transition timeline with resources is a living document and will be updated on an as needed basis. Please check back periodically to make sure you have the most up to date version, as new links and transition resources will be added as they are identified.

  • Created by S. Morgan Morrow – New York Deaf-Blind Collaborative. Adapted by PaTTAN DHH Initiative

Topic: Deaf/Hard of Hearing

This fact sheet, developed by the Parent Advisory Committee for the Pennsylvania Dyslexia Pilot Project, provides information for parents about dyslexia.

Topic: Parent Information, Reading

ELA Across the Grades with Intent- 7-11-17

Topic: Students With Significant Cognitive Disabilities

ELA Writing Across The Grades 5-3-18

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ELA Writing Across the Grades 5-3-18

Topic: Students With Significant Cognitive Disabilities