Daring to Dream: Exploration of Discovery for Transition Planning and St. Vincent’s Bearcat B.E.S.T

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This session will provide attendees with multiple perspective on postsecondary
options for students with a range of sensory and
developmental disabilities. First, Nicole Turman and colleagues will
provide an overview of Discovery: a non-comparative assessment
designed to identify an individual’s strengths, interests, and conditions
for success. Information is gathered through a ‘discovery process’ from
activities an individual engages in during everyday life at home, in
school, and in activities with family, friends, and others. This
information is translated into a full, narrative profile, which provides a
roadmap for transition planning. Individuals will learn the essential
elements which should be included in any Discovery process and how
to apply them to planning for community participation, living, and
employment. Second, an overview of St. Vincent’s Bearcat B.E.S.T.
program will be provided. With the goals of developing skills in
students in the areas of academics, vocational training, activities of
daily living, and social skills, Bearcat B.E.S.T. serves as a model of how
evidence-based practices can support students with intellectual and
developmental disabilities to achieve a greater level of independence.

Title of Training: HELIX Conference
Presenter: Nicole Turman
Training Date: 11/13/2017

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