Preparing Transition Age Youth with Autism for Employment

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This training will cover neurodiversity’s definition, challenges, and opportunities, as well as the role the Office for Vocational Rehabilitation plays in Secondary Transition, Early Reach, and Pre-Employment Training. Presenters will work with high school level educators, guidance counselors, and administrators to share the specifics of the new Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. Information regarding how to access resources and understand Pre-Employment Transition Services will also be covered.

1. About the Program
2. History of Neurodiversity
3. About the Collaborators
4. The Neurodiverse Brain
5. Overview – Capacity and Curriculum Building for High Schools
6. SAP – Autism at Work and High School Mentorship
7. What does Secondary Transition Look Like?
8. Concluding Remarks
9. Resources

Title of Training: Preparing Transition Age Youth with Autism for Employment
Presenter: Tanya Regli, Jose Velasco, Michele Bornman
Training Date: 04/19/2016

Topic: Autism, Secondary Transition

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