2013-2014 Expanding the Literacy Toolkit: Vocabulary Toolkit: Teaching Words to Build Comprehension

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The Literacy Toolkit is a training series consisting of a progressive sequence of interactive webinars focused on expanding the instructional interventions used to promote the literacy achievement of students who are deaf or hard of hearing. Presentations in the training series will focus on how to plan and implement instructional interventions based on student learning needs and evidenced-based assessments (norm-referenced, criterion-referenced, and progress monitoring). Instructional delivery “techniques” and implementation “tips and tricks” will be discussed. Additionally, a set of intervention resources, materials, weblinks, and e-learning applications will be assembled for each topic to assist with implementation.

This session, Vocabulary Toolkit: Teaching Words to Build Comprehension, is critical as vocabulary knowledge positively impacts reading comprehension. Our knowledge of words determines how we understand texts, define ourselves for others, and construct how we see the world. Word knowledge builds thinking. When students know the meanings of individual words, the overall meaning of a sentence or paragraph will be understood.

Handouts include:
1. Expanding the Literacy Toolkit powerpoint
2. Expanding the Literacy Toolkit packet

Title of Training: 2013-2014 Expanding the Literacy Toolkit:Interventions for Students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Presenter: Lana Edwards
Training Date: 09/24/2013

Topic: Deaf/Hard of Hearing

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