Implementing the Common Core: Considerations for Elementary Special Educators

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The first webinar provides specific support for Special Educators in the teaching of the PA Common Core Standards for elementary grades 4-5 English/Language Arts including:

• Building background knowledge and using effective instructional practices with specific fiction and non-fiction texts.
• Sharing resources and techniques to provide all students to access complex text(s)
• Enhancing core knowledge in literature and literacy strategies
• Connecting instructional practices to The Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument, particularly Domain 3, Instruction, with a primary emphasis on 3b, Questioning and Discussion Techniques.

Handouts for December 12, 2012 Webinar
1. Note Taking Guide
2. Graphic Organizer Common Core
3. PowerPoint Handout

The second webinar focuses on how the instructional implications of the shift to the PA Common Core Standards influence the design and implementation of coherent instruction. To ensure learning of the general education curriculum for students with reading and print disabilities, examples of scaffolds and supports will be presented.

Handouts for February 20, 2013 Webinar
4. Powerpoint
5. PACC ELA Curriculum Framework Draft
6. PACC ELA Study Guide
7. Guide to Creating Questions for Close Analytic Reading PowerPoint

The third webinar focuses on supporting diverse learners as the PA Common Core State Standards are translated into a real classroom with an emphasis on close and analytical reading.

Handouts for May 1, 2013 Webinar
8. Powerpoint slide handout
9. Note taking guide to use while viewing the video clip
10. List of additional resources
11. Draft PA CCSS (January 2013) for grades pre K – 5

Title of Training: Implementing the Common Core: Considerations for Elementary Special Educators
Presenter: Leann Weinberger and Debbie Brown
Training Date: 02/20/2013

Topic: Reading

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