Practical Treatment Strategies for Children Who Stutter: Ages 2-6

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Many speech-language pathologists have expressed uncertainty about the best way to help preschool children who stutter overcome their speaking difficulties. Common questions include: which children need treatment and which are likely to “outgrow” stuttering, what treatment methods are most appropriate for young children who stutter, how to incorporate parents in treatment and what to do if parents are not involved, and what to do if treatment is not “work¬ing.” The purpose of this workshop is to help clinicians find real-world, practical answers to these and many other questions. Specific diagnostic and treatment strategies will be discussed in detail, and participants will have the opportunity to explore a variety of different ways to help children who stutter overcome the challenges associated with their stuttering. Participants will come away from the workshop feeling more confident in their own abilities for helping preschool children who stutter and their families.

Handout includes:
1. Practical Treatment Strategies for Stuttering for Preschool Children Who Stutter: Ages 2 to 6 Handout

Title of Training: Practical Treatment Strategies for Children Who Stutter: Ages 2-6
Presenter: J. Scott Yaruss, Ph.D
Training Date: 10/01/2012

Topic: Speech and Language

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Oct 1

excellent speaker and really thorough handouts

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