Teaching for Conceptual Understanding in Algebra Series

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Effective instruction in mathematics is a balance of problem solving, computational and procedural skills, and conceptual understanding. This session is the first in a series of sessions that will encompass the development of teachers’ conceptualizing the continuous transition between procedural and conceptual understanding in Algebra for students. The next two sessions will be webinars that will build upon the knowledge framework of algebraic conceptual understanding. All participants will be actively involved in all aspects of the program to include application at their school site and feedback for sharing to the group. The overarching goal of this series is to meet the needs of all students through processes, active engagement and effective instruction. This guided professional practice model will allow participants to actively engage and explore problem solving processes, making connections to develop a conceptual understanding of algebraic reasoning and application.

The first handout is for the October 25, 2011 webinar.
The second handout is for the December 8, 2011 webinar.

Title of Training: Teaching for Conceptual Understanding in Algebra Series
Presenter: Jacqueline Green, Allen Muir and Dr. Eileen St. John
Training Date: 10/25/2011

Topic: Mathematics

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