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14. Kick-Off To Banner In Two Years

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Presenters will provide a succinct overview of Tier 1 universal intervention implementation strategies with details of the planning year, teacher manual, overall school-wide plan, and observable changes within their school. The presenters will also share incentives, rewards, and rules systems that efficiently and effectively support the implementation of their SWPBIS program.

Training: 2018 PA PBS Implementers Forum
Presenter: Homer-Center School District
Date: 05/22/2018

Topic: Behavior

This presentation will include how the kindergarten team developed a framework of lessons, visual models, and positive reinforcements along with a program to motivate students, faculty, and staff to engage and fully participate.

Training: 2017 PA PBIS Implementers Forum
Presenter: Interboro School District
Date: 05/16/2017

Topic: Behavior

High quality supportive environments are the key to successful inclusion for children with special needs and for increasing positive outcomes for all children. During this session, PBIS facilitators will analyze their roles and responsibilities within PBIS to determine how to increase program quality as a means to enhance higher quality inclusive opportunities. This session will highlight the role of facilitators in supporting these changes through the implementation of program-wide PBIS.

Training: PBIS Implementers´ Forum Multi-Tiered Systems of Support
Presenter: LeAnne Lorenzo
Date: 05/28/2014

Topic: Behavior

This interactive session will provide participants with information on staff buy-in using a building-wide planning approach. Following a brief multimedia presentation illustrating this concept, attendees will break into groups to reflect on their own experiences and those of others. Join us for an opportunity to collaboratively connect and extend your thinking.

Training: 2018 PA PBS Implementers Forum
Presenter: Canon-McMillan School District
Date: 05/22/2018

Topic: Behavior

This session will provide a description of practical tools and tips for keeping staff informed and implementing with fidelity. Communication plans include the process and scheduling of multi-tier team meetings, a staff feedback loop, a comprehensive PaPBS binder, and PaPBS connections to other school initiatives.

Training: 2016 PA PBIS Implementers Forum
Presenter: Phoenixville Area School District Kindergarten Center
Date: 05/05/2016

Topic: Behavior

This session provides a comparative overview of the confidentiality and privacy provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Part B and Part C. Participants will gain an understanding of educational agencies’ legal obligations under Federal privacy law. This interactive session provides participants with an opportunity to review and discuss practical school scenarios regarding the privacy of education records and an opportunity to ask questions related to their unique situations.

Training: 2016 PDE Conference
Presenter: Dale King
Date: 02/11/2016

Topic: PDE Annual Conference

This session will focus on the basic provisions of IDEA, 504, FERPA, and ADA. The presenter will discuss the most common causes of litigation; how to ensure your school can deliver on the basics; the importance of planning—why what you do before the meeting is as important as the meeting itself; how to keep your IEP meetings positive, productive, and student-focused; what you should never say in an IEP meeting; authority; and, after the meeting—critical elements of follow-up.

Training: PDE Conference 2015
Presenter: David Bateman
Date: 02/05/2015

Topic: PDE Annual Conference

Well-developed rubrics and scales can serve as a ‘window,’ helping students see clearly to what the teacher is requesting; they can also serve as a ‘mirror,’ supporting students in reflecting on what it is they already know and what it is they still need to learn. This session explores the creation and use of effective scales and rubrics in classroom assessment.

Training: Facilitating Coherence: MTSS and Formative Assessment
Presenter: Cassandra Erkens
Date: 06/29/2015

Topic: Reading

Upper Darby staff will share how their student leadership group has been the key to getting student buy-in, creating an effective acknowledgement system, and creating events to support the school and the community. Students have played a major role in the development and execution of their Tier 1 plan.

Training: 2015 PA PBIS Implementers' Forum
Presenter: Kelly Amrein, Alison Keller, Christa Palladino
Date: 05/27/2015


Fundamental facilitation practices can help groups become TEAMs. According to David Chambless, a TEAM is when Together Everyone Achieves More. Do yours? Come learn and share process skills for supporting teams to be highly collaborative and productive in their shared interest of improving outcomes for students.

There are six handouts:

08a: PowerPoint
08b: Support Material
08c: Support Material
08d: Support Material
08e: Support Material
08f: Support Material

Training: Facilitating Coherence: MTSS and Formative Assessment
Presenter: Rhonda Beach Tyree
Date: 06/29/2015

Topic: Reading