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PaTTAN represents the Pennsylvania Department of Education as the Ex-Officio Trustee with the responsibility of managing and coordinating federal quota funds with the American Printing House for the Blind (APH) for the purchase of text and educational supplies for students who are legally blind. PaTTAN also maintains an annual census of children from birth through 21 who are legally blind and provides an annual report of eligible students to APH. Specialized formats of instructional materials that are available for eligible students with print disabilities include: digital text, audio, Braille, and large print. Agencies located outside of Pennsylvania may purchase high quality educational text materials in Braille format.

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by Lynch, Olmstead | Published: 2008
ISBN #: 0-07-880573-2
Access #: P1687
Add Math Matters 3 An Integrated Program to Cart
by Spielvogel et al. | Published: 2008
ISBN #: 0-07-875047-4
Access #: P2149
Add World History Journey Across Time The Early Ages to Cart
by Burstein And Shek | Published: 2008
ISBN #: 0-03-093665-9
Access #: P9823
Add World History Ancient Civilizations to Cart
by Mcclenaghan et al. | Published: 2008
ISBN #: 0-13-365331-5
Access #: P1357
Add American Government to Cart
by Schmitt et al. | Published: 2008
ISBN #: 0-07-879138-3
Access #: P8336
Add Buen Viaje Spanish 1 to Cart
by Engelmann et al. | Published: 2008
ISBN #: 0-07-612458-4
Access #: P1161
Add SRA Reading Mastery Storybook 1 to Cart
ISBN #: 1-60218-693-6
Access #: P0824
Add Language The Comprehensive Literacy Curriculum Book C to Cart
by Jacobs et al. | Published: 2008
ISBN #: 0-13-204147-2
Access #: P6008
Add World Studies Foundations Of Geography to Cart
by Greene | Published: 2008
ISBN #: 0-618-90585-5
Access #: P6168
Add Bridges To Literature Level 2 to Cart
by Janet Allen et al. | Published: 2008
ISBN #: 0-618-94491-5
Access #: P6249
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