White House Report on Educational Progress

by Ernie Melcher

The White House along with the Department of Education have recently released a new report detailing the educational progress made since President Obama took office. The report provides an overview of the most significant education policies advanced during the Obama administration, and illustrates the metrics associated with progress during his two terms in office. Additionally, it offers a description of areas where we, as a nation, must continue to drive improvement so we can place all students in a position to fully realize their potential.

Areas of progress include:

• Increasing Graduation Rates
• Adopting World-Class Standards and Aligned, High-Quality Assessments
• Improving Access to High-Quality Early Education for All Students
• Reforming No Child Left Behind
• Improving Pathways to Teaching
• Supporting Outstanding Teachers and Leaders
• Making STEM Education a National Priority

The report, Giving Every Child a Fair Shot: Progress under the Obama Administration’s Education Agenda, is available at

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