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Standards Aligned IEP Resources

  • May 12th, 2011
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It is important to remember that a standards aligned IEP is still an IEP. This means that all of the legal requirements required in the development of an IEP also apply to a standards aligned IEP. In this capacity, an excellent companion to the standards aligned IEP materials is the Annotated IEP.

There are several resources available to help IEP teams with the development of standards aligned IEPs.

  • Standards Aligned IEP Handout Packet (this resource contains handouts and activities to accompany the Standards Aligned IEP PowerPoint and is to be used for rollout training)
  • Writing Standards Aligned IEPs: At a Glance (this publication provides a very condensed version of a suggested process for developing standards aligned IEPs and should be used as a reference after training has occurred)
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