Gifted Education Forms

Gifted Education Forms

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Chapter 16 specifies how the Commonwealth will meet its obligations to suspected and identified gifted students who require gifted education to reach their potential. It is the intent of the Board that gifted students be provided with quality gifted education services and programs. Information regarding responsibilities placed upon school districts with regard to the provision of gifted education can be found at PDE’s Gifted Education Page.

Forms to be used by districts in connection with the provision of gifted education, as well as formats which districts may modify to fit their specific circumstances, are found at this website, as well as the PDE website. Districts should review Chapter 16 in detail for a complete understanding of gifted education requirements. The responsibilities fall into the following four general categories:

  1. Identification and evaluation gifted students,
  2. Development of a Gifted Individualized Education Program (GIEP) for each gifted students,
  3. Determination of educational placement based upon each gifted student’s individual needs, and
  4. Safeguard for gifted students’ due process rights.

Gifted Education Forms
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