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Essentialized Examples

  • October 18th, 2016
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On this page you will find essentialized examples. Essentialized examples are resources that provide ways to think about content targets and sample tasks related to alternate eligible content. The examples offer a demonstration of what alternate eligible content can look like in practice. The essentialized examples are intended as guides and can be used to support lesson and unit planning and development. These are just examples. They can be adapted and modified to meet the unique needs of your student(s). There are nearly unlimited ways to address the content, all of which could be acceptable, aligned activities. The examples are organized by grade and content. You will find examples available for each grade level and within the content of ELA/Reading and Math. While there is not one example for each piece of alternate eligible content yet, we will continue to populate this site as examples are received.

To view the Essentialized Examples for ELA or Math, please click on the appropriate link.

Click on link for General Information for the Essentialized Examples.

ELA – Essentialized Examples

Grade 3 – ELA

Grade 4 – ELA

Grade 5 – ELA

Grade 6 – ELA

Grade 7 – ELA

Grade 8 – ELA

Grade 11 – ELA

MATH – Essentialized Examples

Grade 3 – Math

Grade 4 – Math

Grade 5 – Math

Grade 6 – Math

Grade 7 – Math

Grade 8 – Math

Grade 11 – Math

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