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What Can Be Difficult About Working in a Charter School?

  • June 20th, 2018
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If you are a new (or veteran) educator or administrator in a brick and mortar or cyber charter school, and you are confused about what to do when a problem arises in your school – then this session is for you. Many times, you are placed in situations that are unique or unusual. You receive incomplete paperwork on a new student; sometimes no paperwork is received. A student is truant from cyber school but his parent requests tutoring; sometimes students are placed in a partial or full time residential setting without notice to the school. How does the CS resolve issues with discipline when the student is in the process of being evaluated? What are your responsibilities in situations like these? Typically, there are no easy answers and the solutions require complex thoughts and actions. You may not be sure what to do or where to start. Situations like these cause stress in our lives and impact you professionally and personally. In this session real-life issues will be addressed in a variety of formats. Small groups will be formed; scenarios will be distributed, and participants will discuss how to resolve ‘real’ problems. Large group discussions will follow that will enable the audience to hear multiple viewpoints and ultimately, be supported with the regulations, procedures, and/or legal statues that apply. There will also be time to discuss strategies for avoiding educator burn out and the increasing problem of special education leaders leaving the field.

Kenesta Mack, Bureau of Special Education
Beth Marvin, Ed.D., Bureau of Special Education

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