• April 1st, 2011
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Pennsylvania’s Standards Aligned System’s content for Materials and Resources includes the Voluntary Model Curriculum (VMC) and Learning Progressions. Voluntary Model Curriculum incorporates learning progressions, units, lesson plans, and content resources aligned to the Pennsylvania standards. A learning progression is a road or pathway that students travel as they progress toward mastery of the skills needed for career and college readiness. The Common Core State Standards also have associated learning progressions or learning trajectories which are defined as: descriptions of children’s thinking and learning in a specific mathematical domain, and a related conjectured route through a set of instructional tasks designed to engender those mental processes or actions hypothesized to move children through a developmental progression of levels of thinking, created with the intent of supporting children’s achievement of specific goals in that mathematical domain. (Clements & Sarama, 2004, p. 83)

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