Intensive Interagency

What is Intensive Interagency?

photo of consultant with parents

PaTTAN’s regional consultants serve as the primary resources in partnership with local education agencies working to meet students’ service/program needs. In addition, consultants collaborate with other child-serving agencies to provide intensive interagency coordination to students with disabilities whose school districts have determined that they cannot be appropriately educated in a public educational setting and who have waited more than 30 days for the provision of an appropriate educational placement.

Intensive Interagency
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    • Mike Miklos
      Autism, Intensive Interagency, School Psychology
    • Roni Russell
      Secondary Transition, Intensive Interagency, IDEA and Chapter 14
    • Dona Alvino
      Autism, Behavior, Leadership, Intensive Interagency, Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS/RtII)
    • Amy Smith
      Behavior, Secondary Transition, Intensive Interagency, School Psychology
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