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  • August 24th, 2015
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The Pennsylvania Department of Education, Bureau of Special Education is pleased to offer the following series: Building a Successful Classroom: A Professional Learning Framework for Classroom Management.

PaTTAN is offering a Classroom Management Professional Learning Community (CMPLC) training series based upon the Classroom Management Administrator’s Toolkit. The series is intended to give teachers an opportunity to enhance and improve their classroom management skills through evidence-based practices. In addition, teachers will have the opportunity to engage in supportive and critical discussions of classroom management techniques and to learn from one another. Moreover, this series is intended to improve outcomes for students whose behaviors may impede their school success. All of the contents of the training and subsequent PLC meetings are directly linked to the Danielson Framework for Teaching.

Training Series Objectives:
• Identify and discuss five evidence based classroom management strategies
• Establish ongoing professional learning community protocols for classroom management
• Explain the importance of establishing a structure classroom environment
• Discuss strategies to actively engage students in observable ways
• Describe multiple ways to reinforce appropriate student behaviors
• Describe multiple ways to respond to inappropriate student behavior
• Identify successes and challenges of the CMPLC

Additional Resource:
Classroom Management Livebinder Access Code: CMPLC

Questions about the PLC should be directed to PaTTAN regional contacts.

PaTTAN Harrisburg:
Laura Moran, 800-360-7282,

PaTTAN East:
Ron Logan, 800-441-3215,

PaTTAN Pittsburgh:
Elaine Neugebauer, 800- 446-5607,

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