PaTTAN Autism Initiative Applied Behavior Analysis Support: Overview Assembly

Speaking: Amiris Dipuglia, Mike Miklos, Mary Barbera, Bill Galbraith, Debra Finarelli

  • August 17, 2010
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Case Studies

Starts at 00:00

Behavior Management

Starts at 11:29

Classroom Organization

Starts at 13:59

Direct Instruction

Starts at 18:28


Starts at 19:52

Intensive Teaching

Starts at 21:14

Mand Training

Starts at 23:33

Social Skills Training

Starts at 27:11

Staff Training

Starts at 28:57

Vocal Training

Starts at 31:28


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From Sheri Patton

If you are a new paraprofessional in an Autism Support room, this video offers a good overview about many of the complex issues being dealt with in the classroom. I enjoyed the overview and examples of what is being discussed.

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