movements of any part of the body to express or emphasize an idea, an emotion or a function. Not part of a formal communication system.

Goals and Outcomes

Functional and measurable target areas of development written by the IFSP or IEP team.


Systems and rules to describe the structure of language, such as word order in sentences, and grammatical markers such as plurals, verb tenses, and pronouns.

Gross Motor Control

Large, strong movements, as in walking.

Group Contingencies

Reinforcement delivered to a group based on the behavior of either an individual, a segment of the group, or the whole group.

Group Home

A home or institutional/campus setting, provided by Office of Children and Youth (OCY) or Juvenile Probation Office (JPO), where several children in need of a home can live. All OCY placements are for abuse or neglect, though some settings allow for Juvenile Probation Office (JPO) involved children who are Adjudicated Delinquent and/or Dependent. Mental health support is rarely provided and placement occurs by court order.

Guided Practice

The second step in the direct instruction model. Students are provided opportunities to grasp new learning under the direction or guidance of the teacher.